Avalanche DSP amplifier

The brain of Arendal Sound subwoofers, the Avalanche 500DSP and Avalanche 1000DSP, are built around a Texas Instrument’s 48-bit data path (with 28-bit filter coefficients) DSP engine, allowing virtually unlimited design flexibility with the assurance of no signal degradation along the way. Each amplifier’s transfer function, power output limiting and thermal protection are monitored to the millisecond and are customized for each individual drive unit and cabinet combination. The high efficiency Class D amplifier modules are based on a proven topology that has been continuously refined over the past 4 years. Excelling in transient response, high current output and very low distortion, they deliver the necessities for highly accurate, deep bass with output capabilities that drives and controls each 13.8” woofer to its fullest potential.

Perfectly matched, by design.

Avalanche Pre-amp features:

  • LED mode indicator (power on, standby, mute/protect).
  • Auto on/off (defeatable) on both RCA and XLR inputs.
  • 2 position user EQ modes for your taste:
    • EQ1
      • Frequency response is extended to the lowest octave offering more energy below 40Hz. This effect matches well to effects found in movies and often times is found work well for music tracks as well when more bass emphasis is desired.
      • EQ1 is recommended for larger rooms or if you lust for the extreme bass levels in smaller/larger rooms.

    • EQ2
      • Frequency rolls off gradually below 40Hz, counteracting the effects of “room gain” which raises in smaller rooms. The combined result can be a more accurate, balanced bass level across all octaves.  
      • EQ2 is recommended for smaller rooms, especially for music.
  • Volume control with preset for home theater subwoofer gain calibration (reference level).
  • Continuously variable phase control from 0-180 degree.
  • 24db/Octave Linkwitz-Riley Low Pass Filter, variable from 40Hz-160Hz with bypass option for use with pre-processor’s internal bass management.
  • Subsonic protection filter in Subwoofer 3
  • Fully balanced differential XLR input & XLR pass- through output.
  • Soft start volume rise at power on.
  • Amp modules communicate with preamp protection circuit for status monitoring, shutdown & soft start functions.
  • Limiter continuously monitors bass energy content and within milliseconds will control the waveform to prevent any potential overdrive or unwanted distortions.
  • The measured latency is 3ms - Only adds 3ft/90cm in your pre-processor/AVR channel delays.

Avalanche Power amp features:

  • Integrated high current switch-mode power supply with >90% efficiency.
  • Standby low power mode with <1W power consumption.
  • Self-oscillating PWM generation; less complex and more stable than many other Class D topologies with the benefit of reduced EMI.
  • High current output stage.
  • High damping factor.
  • Excellent transient response and low distortion across the entire power range.
  • Features 2x500W monoblock modules for the Avalanche 1000DSP amps, that are invert-cross-coupled to form a full bridge to more efficiently use the AC power and lowering distortion.
  • Features 1x500W for the Avalanche 500DSP amp.
  • Protection against over-current (and shorted outputs), over temp, over voltage and DC fault.
  • ETL, ROHS and CE certified.
1723 Series Comparison Subwoofers
Woofer 13.8"
2 x 13.8" 2 x 13.8"
Enclosure High Density Fiberboard (HDF)
High Density Fiberboard (HDF)
High Density Fiberboard (HDF) High Density Fiberboard (HDF)
Amplifier Avalanche 500DSP - 500W RMS
Avalanche 500DSP - 500W RMS
Avalanche 1000DSP - 1000W RMS
Avalanche 1000DSP - 1000W RMS
Design Sealed
Sealed / vented
Sealed Sealed / vented
49.2H x 33.5W x 45D cm
63.7H x 45W x 55D cm 54.2H x 42W x 50D cm 71.2H x 50W x 60.9D cm
Weight 24.5 kg 48.1 kg 41.4 kg 60.1 kg